Access Definitions for Land Surveyors

access, controlled—The condition where the right of owners, or occupants of abutting land, or other persons, to access in connection with a highway is fully or partially controlled by public authority. 1 Full control: The authority is exercised to give preference to through traffic by providing access connections with selected public roads only, and by prohibiting crossings at grade or direct private driveway connections. 2 Partial control: The authority to control access to give preference to through traffic to a degree that, in addition to access connection with selected public roads, there may be some crossings at grade and some private driveway connections.

access, legal—A right, which an owner of land that abuts a highway has, to use the highway for ingress and egress. See also rights, access.

access rights—See rights, access.

accession to real property—Title to real property can be acquired by accession, which is the addition to property by growth, increase, or labor. Land gradually deposited on the bank of a stream by imperceptible means becomes the land of the upland owner by accession.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms“, used with permission.

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