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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the exam set-up process work?

You can join an existing exam session or arrange to have the exam brought to you or your group. For more information, please see our exam setup overview.

Are discounts offered for group enrollment?

Yes. In addition to discounts, groups receive additional examinee tracking and oversight capabilities. To review pricing and options, submit a request via the form above.

How do I join the quarterly class? Is it required?

Our quarterly sessions are optional add-ons for Fast Track registrants. Invitations are made at the beginning of each quarter. At close, you can opt for the exam or join another session.

I have survey experience. Can I start at any level?

An applicant may start at level II with 1.5 years full-time work experience or 65 transcripted semester hours; level III = 3.5 years experience or 65 transcripted hours.

I’ve heard that the CST exams are “open book”. What can I bring?

You may bring as much bound material to the exam as you can carry; therefore, selection of a proper study bundle and approved calculator is critical. Check out our overview for details.