LearnCST Study Bundle

A key element of any successful exam prep initiative is the selection of an appropriate study bundle. This is essential when it comes to the NSPS CST exams because they’re “open book”, meaning you may bring as much printed material as you can carry into the exam provided it is bound. While this covers most professional textbooks, it’s important to note that you may also arrange binding of loose materials at stores such as Staples, FedEx Kinkos or your local print services shop. You may also print and bind materials on your own via traditional three-ring binder and hole punch.

Most technicians understand “open book” to mean standard surveying industry textbooks; while these are worth owning, they’re generally not cheap so we’ll address alternatives within this primer. You’ll also need an approved calculator and know how to use it along with a selection of supporting text. Ultimately, your ability to index and locate information come exam day will determine your success which is why we advise you to commit to building your study bundle from the beginning.

Again, you can print as much material as you can carry, provided you bind it. This could include helpful diagrams, exercises, example problems and more. We’ll review “must haves” and lower cost alternatives via this primer.

At this time, it is up to you to procure materials for your study bundle–however you choose to proceed, our hope is that you’ll do so thoughtfully AND economically, procuring a Master Text, such as a standard land surveying textbook; a selection of Supporting Text, such as the NSPS Terms and Definitions, Jack Keen’s Formulas and a Red Cross Manual and last but not least, an Approved Calculator. We’ll start with an overview of “master text”. Our recommendations follow this page.

LearnCST study bundle sample