Bienes Definitions for Land Surveyors

bienes— In Spanish law, “goods” or property of every description, including real estate and personal property; all things which may serve for people’s uses.

bienes comunes– Common property; those things which, not being the private property of any person, are open to the use of all, such as the air, rain, water, the sea and it’s beaches (Spanish).

bienes ganaciales– Community in property enjoyed by husband and wife the property being divisible equally between them on the dissolution of the marriage; does not include what they held as their separate property at the time of contracting the marriage. (Spanish).

bienes publicos Property, such as rivers, shores, ports, and public roads, that pertains to the people or a nation, and which is used by the individuals of a particular territory or district. (Spanish).

biens– Real and personal property. In England, “biens” excludes estates of inheritance and freehold. (French).

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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