Chord Definitions for Land Surveyors

chord-1 A straight line connecting two points on a curve. 2 Used in highway and other surveys to indicate a straight line between two points on a curve, regardless of the distance between them; route surveying. 3 [USPLS] The line of a great circle connecting any two selected corners on a base line, standard parallel, or latitudinal township boundary.

chord, long –1 The chord that extends from or curvature to the point of tangency. See also curve, point of curvature; curve, point of tangency. 2 [ROUTE SURVEYING] On a simple curve, the chord, or straight line, that extends from the point of curvature to the point of tangency; on a compound curve, the chord that extends from the point of compound curvature to the point of curvature or to the point of tangency. In a description of a circular land boundary, the length and bearing of the long chord is an important factor.

chord, nominal—Used in chord definition for degree of curve for chords less than 100 feet, as computed from differences in stationing. Not a true chord length.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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