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Please note: As of 9/29/23, this content has moved to General Access to reflect the latest CST work elements. Access to this course will close on 10/15/23 or sooner.

Review material for the CST level II work elements can be found to the right. Individual elements contain chapters. We recommend working through each element’s chapter in succession even if you’re familiar with the material.

At the close of each chapter, you’ll find a quiz. If you pass, it’s a good sign that you’re prepared and can move forward. Our review process is designed to determine where you need to study most. At this time, study material for both the Field and Office track(s) are co-located.

The intention with these modules is to provide an overview of key topics. You’ll find in-depth coverage of core surveying concepts within the Open Access Library and additional review opportunities inside the Surveying Math Made Simple series.

Upon reaching each lesson’s quiz, you must answer at least 70% of the questions correctly to achieve a passing grade and move on to the next topic.

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