CST Level III – Placeholder

Our level III program is live (link below). Additional segments will be added over the coming weeks.

Whether you\’re pursuing a Construction or Boundary emphasis, Field and/or Office, we\’ve opted to retain a single, core track. Where applicable, some segments will specify a particular emphasis. You can opt to review all material or only that which is specific to the designation you\’re pursuing.

At the close of each chapter, you’ll find a quiz. If you pass, it’s a good sign that you’re prepared and can move forward. If you struggle, the system will recommend what to do.

Keep in mind that all CST exams are “open book”. Our review process is designed to determine where you need to study most. When the time comes, we’ll utilize an exam day checklist to make sure you bring all the right stuff.

Level III Coursework

Level III – Practice Exam