Deed Definitions for Land Surveyors

deed—An instrument in writing which, when executed and delivered, conveys an estate in real property or interest therein. Evidence in writing of the transfer of real property.

deed, corporate—A deed transferring title to lands by a corporation.

deed, general warranty—A deed in which the grantor warrants the title against defects arising at any time, either before or after the grantor became connected with the land.

deed, grant—A grant deed conveys the fee title of the land described and owned by the grantee. If at a later date the grantor acquires a better title to the land conveyed, the grantee immediately acquires the better title without formal documents (after rights). In some states, by law, the grantor warrants the deed against acts of his own volition.

deed, mortgage—A deed by way of mortgage which has the effect of the mortgage on the property conveyed and imposes a lien on the granted estates.

deed, quitclaim—A form of conveyance whereby whatever interest the grantor possesses in the property described in the deed is conveyed to the grantee without warranty of title.

deed, special warranty-1A deed in which the grantor warrants the title against defects arising after he acquired the land but not against defects arising before that time. 2 A deed wherein the grantor limits his liability to the grantee to anyone claiming by, from, through, or under him, the grantor.

deed, trust—A deed which establishes a trust. It generally is an instrument which conveys legal title to property to a trustee and states his/her authority and the conditions binding upon him in dealing with the property held in trust. Frequently trust deeds are used to secure lenders against loss. In this respect they are similar to mortgages.

deed, unrecorded—A deed which is not properly recorded in a registry of deeds or other depository of public records. An unrecorded deed is binding on the grantor, his heirs and devisees, and all other persons having actual notice thereof, but is not valid and effectual against any other persons.

deed, void—To have no force or effect; that which is unenforceable.

deed, warranty—An instrument in writing, by which title to real property is conveyed wherein the freehold is guaranteed by the grantor, his/her heirs, or successors.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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