Local Definitions for Land Surveyors

local adjustment—See station adjustment.

local apparent time—See time, solar (definition 2).

local area network (LAN)—Communications hardware and software that allow computers in a small area (generally within the same building) to share data and devices such as printers and plotters.

local attraction1 An attraction near a compass, causing its needle to deviate front its proper direction. 2 Attraction due to a mountain or other irregularity in the Earth’s crust, producing a deviation of the plumb line.

local corner [PLSS]-1 The location of a monumental corner of the public land survey accepted by local land owners or local surveyors to be at the original corner position. 2 The location of a corner of the public land survey established by local land owners or local surveyors as a PISS corner. A local point of control.

local datum—See datum, local.

local geodetic coordinate system—A coordinate system consisting of e, n, values which are transformed from the X, Y, Z coordinates in a geocentric coordinate system. The e and n axes are located in a local horizontal plane. and are located in the directions of local east and north, respectively. The axis is along the normal at the intersection of e and n axes.

localization [GPS]—Converting GPS data into an arbitrary coordinate system by occupation of points in that system and a subsequent conformal transformation.

local magnetic anomaly—Abnormal or irregular variation of the Earth’s magnetic field extending over a relatively small area due to local magnetic influences.

local mean time—See time, solar (definition 2).

local meridian—See meridian, local.

local networkA surveying network of points over a small area. Due to the relatively short distances between points in this network, differences between the geoid height and the height of the reference ellipsoid are minimized.

local sidereal time—See time, sidereal.

local time—See time, kcal.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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