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While Learn CST exists to help students prepare for the NSPS CST examination, the material on this site and the questions for each quiz should not be considered a comprehensive treatment of the surveying subjects presented nor relied upon as a sole source of information in preparation for the exam. Each student must assess their current level of competency and pursue further study in order to successfully complete their CST exam.

CST is recognized by employers in all 50 states

Whether you’re embarking on a career in land surveying or have been in the business for some time, CST offers an incredibly efficient means of showcasing key skills…

Glen Thurow, NM PS, CFedS

Lead Instructor, LearnCST – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Overall, I’m very happy with how LearnCST is able to operate as an educational aid to teach our apprentices about surveying in a clearly defined, challenging manner…

Paul Tran, Apprentice Coordinator and Instructor

Technical Engineering Division, UA Local 130, Chicago, IL

Having taught and operated a land surveying business for many years, I’m well aware of the value certification provides in showcasing one’s aptitude and overall motivation…

Dr. Richard Elgin, PS, CE

Archer Elgin Surveying & Engineering, Rolla, Missouri

As a level IV technician and licensed surveyor, I know first hand the challenges our industry is dealing with in determining skill levels in the face of evolving technology…

Don Falken, PS, CST IV

Maryland, USA