Boundary Definitions for Land Surveyors

boundary free– A boundary not limited by a call for a monument as “thence N 12°E, 120 feet’. Thence N 12°E, 120 feet to Brown’s south line” is not a free boundary.

boundary, gradient- See line, flowage.

boundary land- See land boundary.

boundary, litoral– the boundary of a shore, especially a seashore subject to tidal inundation where submerged lands meet uplands. More specifically defined by a tidal datum determined by observing long-term tide levels. See datum, tidal; mean higher high water; mean high water; mean sea level; mean low water; mean lower low water.

boundary line– See line, boundary

boundary monument- A material object placed on or near a boundary line to preserve and identify the location of the boundary line on the ground.  Where it is impracticable to establish a monument on or very close to boundary line, the position of the boundary line on the ground is preserved by reference marks.  The term monument is sometimes used to include both the mark on the boundary line and the reference marks.   See also monument [USPLS].

boundary survey– See survey, boundary

boundary vista– A lane cleared along a boundary line passing through a wooded area.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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