Description Definitions for Land Surveyors

description-1The formal published data describing each triangulation, trilateration, and traverse station; bench mark; or other survey marker preserving horizontal position and/or elevation. The description contains information regarding the location and type of marker, and augmenting data which will enable anyone to go to the immediate locality of the marker, find it, and identify it with certainty. 2 [USPLS] The description of a parcel of land referenced to an official township plat of the public land survey. For example: Section 22, Township 120 North, Range 22 West of the 5th principal meridian.

description, bounds—Land described by calling for the adjoiners as, “Bounded on the north by the land of Leo Orstrom; bounded on the south by Cedar Street; bounded on the east by the Androscoggin River,” etc.

description, land—The location of a parcel of land described in narrative format.

description, legal—A description recognized by law which definitely locates property by reference to government surveys, coordinate systems or recorded maps; a description which is sufficient to locate the property without oral testimony.

description, metes and bounds—A description of a parcel of land by references to course and distances around the tract, or by reference to natural or record monuments. See also metes and bounds.

description, plat—A description of a parcel of land by reference to a map which has been filed in a proper city, county, or state office. For example: Lot 7, Block 5, Jone’s Addition, City of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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