Network Definitions for Land Surveyors

network1 In surveying, a set of stations whose geometric relationships (distances, directions, and coordinates) have been determined and which are related in such a way that the removal of one station from the set will affect the relationships between the other stations. Surveying networks contain only closed circuits: all lines connect at least two different points, and each point lies on at least two different lines. 2 In computing, communication connections between two or more computers, such as a LAN or WAN. See also local arm network; wide area network. 3 A system comprising a collection of geographic features which are interconnected to enable transfer of objects or information. 4 In GIS, a set of topologically connected links and nodes representing connected linear features in the real world.

network adjustment—The process of changing the values of network stations and/or the geometric relationships (distances and angles) between the stations according to some principle or rule, in order to obtain better values or geometric relationships.

network analysis—The act of studying and modeling network properties such as capacity, connectivity, or rate of flow.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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