Photogrammetry Definitions for Land Surveyors

photogrammetric camera—See camera, photogrammetric.

photogrammetric control—See control, photogrammetric.

photogrammetric survey—See survey, photogrammetric.

photogrammetry1 The science or art of surveying concerned with taking photographs especially aerial photographs, using sensors mounted on different platforms. 2 The science or art of deducing the physical dimensions of objects from measurements on photographs. Aerial photogrammetry uses photographs of the Earth taken from aircraft or satellites, while terrestrial photogrammetry works with ground photographs. The term terrestrial photogrammetry is preferred to the deprecated term “ground photogrammetry.” The third type of photogrammetry is stereophotogrammetry which works with the aid of stereoscopic equipment and methods. See also photogrammetry, analytical; photogrammetry, semi-analytical; photogrammetry, close range; photogrammetry; softcopy; aerial photography.

photogrammetry, analytical—Mathematic determination of the size and shape of an object from measurements made directly on the image rather than mechanically on a stereoscopic model.

photogrammetry, close-range—Photogrammetry using photographs of objects at distances of a few millimeters to a few hundred meters from the camera. Also called “non-topographic photogrammetry.” However, this term is better used for applications where the object is outside the limits set for close-range photogrammetry. Examples of these applications are metric recording and analysis of structures in general and of monument and buildings in particular, the measurement amounts of materials in bulk, and X-ray tomography.

photogrammetry, digital—See photogrammetry, softcopy.

photogrammetry, semi-analytical—Measurement of the coordinate of a stereoscopic model on an analog stereoscopic plotter ant transformation of these coordinates to coordinates of the original object by computation.

photogrammetry, softcopy—Photogrammetry utilizing digital photographs i.e., raster images, which can be obtained either with a digital camera or scanning hardcopy photographs.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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