Ortho Definitions for Land Surveyors

orthodrome—See great circle.

orthogonal—At right angles; rectangularly; meeting. crossing, or lying at right angle.

orthographic projection—See projection, orthographic.

orthometric correction—See correction, orthometric.

orthometric elevation—See height, orthometric.

orthometric error—See error, orthometric.

orthophotograph—A photograph prepared from a perspective photograph by removing those displacements of points caused by tilt, relief, and central projection (perspective).

orthophotograph, digitalAn orthophotograph produced through differential rectification in a softcopy plotter.

orthophotomap—Map made by assembling a number of orthophotographs into a single, composite picture; orthophotomosaic. See also orthophotograph.

orthophotomosaic—An assembly of orthophotographs forming a uni­form-scale mosaic.

orthophotoscope—A photomechanical device, used in conjunction with double- projection anaglyphic instrument, for producing orthophotographs

orthorectification—See rectification, differential.

Source: NSPS “Definitions of Surveying and Related Terms“, used with permission.

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